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The Legal Support Fund is part of the Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation's Investigative Journalism Programme. As part of the Fund, we will provide journalists - winners of our grant competition - with legal assistance in the event of lawsuits and SLAPPs related to the enforcement of press laws, freedom of speech and press expression. In exceptional circumstances, support from the Fund will also be available to journalists who do not participate in the Investigative Journalism Programme.

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Frequently asked questions

What form of support can I count on?

Support from the Legal Fund of the Investigative Journalism Programme is available primarily to beneficiaries of our grant programme. The fund provides assistance with legal costs resulting from possible SLAPPs, such as certified translations, legal advice, court costs, etc.

What criteria do I need to meet to receive assistance under the Legal Support Fund if I am not participating in the Investigative Journalism Programme?

Participation criteria for persons not participating in the Investigative Journalism Programme will be announced in the first half of 2022. Expanding the Fund to include persons not participating in the Programme will depend on the amount of funds available (once distributed to the winners of our Grant Programme).

I have already received a grant for a project under the Investigative Journalism Programme. Can I also apply for assistance from the Legal Support Fund in addition?

Yes, the Legal Support Fund is primarily intended for winners of our Programme. The fund provides legal support when journalistic investigations funded by a Programme grant are subject to legal attacks and SLAPPs.

What is the maximum amount of support granted within the Fund's framework?

The amount of funds granted depends on the individual situation presented in the submitted application. The maximum amount of support provided within the fund's framework is PLN 20,000.

Who decides on the granting of any support?

The decision to grant support under the Fund and the amount of the allocated funds will be made by the Investigation Programme Committee.

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