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We’re launching the 2nd edition of our Investigative Journalism Initiative

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Investigative journalists play a key role in holding public institutions and government officials accountable. Their work is indispensable for a well-functioning democracy. That’s why we’re opening the second edition of our Investigative Journalist Initiative  to freelance journalists and staff writers alike. Applications can be submitted from May 23th to June 30th. The grant pool for the second edition of the Program is PLN 150,000, the minimum grant amount is PLN 10,000.
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Results of the 1st edition of the Investigative Journalism Initiative

Over 25 independent journalists applied for the Investigative Journalism Initiative. The jury, chaired by Piotr Stasiński, selected six winners. They received grants ranging from PLN 12,000 to PLN 20,000 for developing their investigations.
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The key role of journalism is holding public institutions and government authorities accountable. This is what makes independent and reliable media one of the cornerstones of democracy.

The Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation's Investigative Journalism Grant Program is a response to the increasing need to promote democratic values and protect freedom of speech in Poland.

As part of our program, we want to foster free, courageous media outlets and journalists by awarding them grants for journalistic investigations, offering legal aid to independent journalists, and supporting Gazeta Wyborcza’s investigative stories.

Our Grant Program is open for all freelance journalists, staff writers, and editorial offices.

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Ethical Funding Policy

We have adopted the Ethical Funding Policy to ensure that the Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation manages its priorities and projects properly while remaining independent from its donors. The Policy is also intended to provide transparency regarding the identity of funding sources behind our Investigative Journalism Grant Program so as to avoid any suspicion of undue influence or conflict of interest regarding the Foundation’s activities.
Principles of Ethical Funding